12 April 2016
By Scott Jennings, Managing Director, The Americas, BOARD International

There’s an old saying that you should never bargain shop for brain surgeons or parachutes.  I propose that the same advice holds true for selecting BI and analytics software, which today feed the lifeblood of large enterprises. 

29 March 2016
By Pietro Ferrari, CTO, BOARD International

History has shown that the large foot prints and overall rigidity of traditional BI stacks failed to provide business users the independence, agility and ease of use they needed to effectively apply analytics to their lines of business and gain the insights needed to make informed and profitable decisions.

24 March 2016
By Pietro Ferrari, CTO, BOARD International

As more and more enterprises explore the Cloud as a potential home for future BI and analytics solutions, they’ve often run into a fog bank of confusing offerings from dozens of vendors who are often more adept at hype than living up to customer expectations or requirements.